Street Improvement Fee

City of Kingsville

Street User Fee Tier Calculator

TotalTier #

Please compare the calculator result to the table on the right. The tier # is associated with a monthly rate.

Tier # = Street User Fee

Greater than or equal to 40 = $150

20 – 39.99 = $125

14-19.99 = $100

12-13.99 – $70

10-11.99 = $50

6-9.99 = $40

5-5.99 = $30

4-4.99 = $25

3-3.99 = $20

2-2.99 = $15

Less than 2 = $10

What is the Street Maintenance Fee (SMF)?

It is a monthly fee that is collected from Kingsville residents and business owners which will appear on monthly utility bills. The revenue generated is designated to pay for a planned Street Preventative Maintenance Program (SPMP) to address the street infrastructure needs of our City.

What else can the money be used for?

The money cannot be used for any other purpose other than the SPMP.

How much money is expected to be raised by the street maintenance fee?

It is estimated that $906,879 annually will be generated by the fee. This figure will grow as we continue to see increases in development.

Who pays the street maintenance fee?

The fee applies to properties with active utility accounts and benefited properties within the city limits that do not otherwise pay utilities.

Who is exempt from paying street maintenance fee?

Any city, county, state, federal agency or department, hospital district, public funded independent school district, charter school, public institute of higher education, church, registered non-profit, or a regional transit authority.

Do residents who don’t own vehicles have to pay?

Yes, even if you do not own a vehicle or drive the streets, all residents receive goods and/or services that generate travel on our city street system

What happens if I don’t pay?

Failure to pay the street maintenance fee could result in discontinuance of customer utility services. Delinquent customers may be subject to a lien placed on their properties.

How can I determine the calculation of the street maintenance fee on my utility bill?

  • For residential benefitted properties:
    • A single family monthly bill =$5.00
    • A multi family of 2 to 4 living units monthly bill = $5.00 for the first living unit + (.85 x $5.00 x number of living units after 1st 3. Multi family of more than 4 living units or mobile home lots monthly bill = $5.00 x total number of living units or mobile home lots x.85. The .85 in both equations counts for the estimated occupancy
  •  Non residential benefitted properties:
    • For each nonresidential customer, the ERU (equivalent residential unit) for the building area on the property will be multiplied by the appropriate discounted trip factor to arrive at a point value. This value will be compared to a tier of point ranges which will determine what the nonresidential benefitted property customer will pay each month. The trip factor will be determined by the City Engineer which includes the trip generation rate published by the Institute of Transportation Engineers.   A non residential customer may call the Utility Business Office to find out what their fee may be or visit the website to determine the amount.

What if I don’t agree with my street maintenance fee charge?

The City Commissioners have approved a process whereby citizens may appeal certain aspects of their Street Maintenance Fee. Please complete and submit the Street Improvement Fee Correction/Appeal Request Form.

Why am I receiving a street fee bill when I don’t take any city services?

Any property within the city limits which is not exempt and which has a living area square footage as defined by the City Engineer is eligible to be charged a street maintenance fee. If there is an occupant other than the property owner using the property, the property owner may request that the street maintenance fee account be placed in that occupant’s name