Community Appearance Initiatives

Planning & Development Services

The City of Kingsville’s Community Appearance Initiative strives to improve and maintain the appearance of our city, and to preserve and protect property rights and the natural beauty of Kingsville. The City of Kingsville is committed to maintaining and improving the appearance of our community and protecting the health and safety of our residents.

Community Appearance Initiatives have been proven effective toward enhancing the aesthetic appearance of our community and also in preserving the unique character of the City. For over a century, Kingsville has been tied to the unique history of South Texas. As a historically distinct city, it is paramount that our community works together to preserve the distinctive character and style of Kingsville.

By promoting safe and clean neighborhoods, our city creates a strong foundation for not only promoting a healthy, vibrant and beautiful lifestyle for our citizens, but also for attracting new families and business owners, which in turn will allow our community to prosper. Our department seeks to create a community that is aesthetically beautiful and free of any potential health and public hazards. Our standards of compliance help reduce and eradicate:

  • Overgrown Weeds and Grass
  • Illegal Signs
  • Dilapidated Fences and Structures
  • Unclean Premises and Alleys
  • Abandoned Structures