Kingsville Unveils Brand New, Streamlined Website on 110th Anniversary of City’s Founding

Amidst the pride and pageantry of today’s citywide Independence Day festivities, Kingsville has one more accomplishment to celebrate today as city leaders unveil an all-new website on the 110th anniversary of its establishment. Partnering with local creative agency Hi-Res Creative, City Commissioners and department heads had moved forward with a plan earlier this spring to replace the existing website with a brand new look, increased security and an improved online user experience.

After months of planning meetings with each department, the latest version of the website was presented to the city this week by Hi-Res Creative, who first studied how people were using the site before proceeding with a design plan. After spending a large amount of time researching user behavior and traffic to better understand the needs of visitors to the site, the end result is an optimized website that is tailor made for the unique needs of both city employees and residents.

In addition to improved load times, the upgraded site contains a number of improvements including streamlined navigation, updated department information, improvements to the structure and organization of content and the implementation of responsive design for ease of use with all mobile devices. The site also includes beautiful homepage slider photographs of the city taken by local photographer John Garza of Eyecon360.

Communication between the city’s Risk Management division, Fire Department and residents will also improve thanks to a brand new alert system that quickly notifies residents in the event of severe weather, chemical spills, road closures, tornados and hurricanes.The site is also equipped with the latest software for enhanced privacy and security, enabling greater peace of mind for residents who use the site for online transactions such as paying utilities or fines.Residents can also use the site to apply for employment with the city online, browse pet listings from the animal shelter and enjoy new GIS mapping systems. The most impressive feature for residents, however, is the integration of the GovQA ticketing system with increases accountability and response time from city departments when handling requests for citizens.

City officials are hopeful the site will improve the effectiveness of its communication with residents and visitors and drive the city, its operations and its progress toward a very bright future. Happy birthday, Kingsville!