City of Kingsville Water Safe

The City of Kingsville water supply is NOT contaminated and is safe for consumption and utilization by those being served by the City of Kingsville water supply. The City of Kingsville’s water supply is not dependent nor directly tied into the Corpus Christi system. On the contrary, over 90% of the water on a yearly basis in our community comes from underground water through our independently run water well system. The remaining water supply comes from the South Texas Water Authority (STWA) on a as needed basis. This water comes via a pipeline directly from Stevens Water Treatment Plant located in the Calallen area. As a precaution the City has shut off the valves from STWA and will solely run on our independent water well system until the situation is corrected in Corpus Christi.


Please pass along to anybody who may find this information helpful and useful. We will need everyone’s help in curtailing misinformation that has been circulating this morning.


Thank you,


Jesus A. Garza

City Manager

City of Kingsville