Contact Information

City Commissioners, City Manager, & City Departments


Mayor Sam Fugate 595-8001
City Manager Jesús A. Garza 595-8002
City Secretary Mary Valenzuela 595-8003

City Manager’s Office

City Manager Jesús A. Garza 595-8002
City Secretary Mary Valenzuela 595-8003


Collections Supervisor Diana B. Medina 595-8033
Customer Billing Specialist Erica Hinojosa-Bruce 595-8030
Customer Billing Specialist Aileen Escamilla 592-5281
Customer Service Representative Elvia Rodriguez 595-8028
Customer Service Representative Gina Flores-Salinas 595-8031
Meter Reader Foreman Jerry Trevino 595-8034
Meter Reader Bisente Zamora

Finance Department

Director Deborah Balli 595-8009
Accounting Manager Stacie Pena 595-8023
Accounting Supervisor David Bodiford 595-8011
Accounting Assistant Sharon Shaw 595-8012
A/P Specialist Sally Saenz 595-8010
Payroll Specialist Norma Cavazos 595-8013

Fire Department

Fire Chief Adrian Garcia 592-6445
Administrative Assistant II Celina Longoria 592-6445
Fire Marshal Roel Cavazos 592-6445
Fire Annex – Volunteer Fire  – 326 N. 6th 595-8049
Fire Station 2 – 515 N. Armstrong 592-3081

Health Department

Director Emilio Garcia 592-3324
Administrative Assistant II Monica Longoria 592-3325

Human Resources

Director Diana Gonzales 595-8018
Administrative Assistant II Beth Greenwell 595-8017
Risk Manager David Solis 595-8056

Legal Department

City Attorney Courtney Alvarez 595-8015
Legal Assistant Jessica Storck 595-8016


Director Robert Rodriguez 592-6381

Municipal Court

Municipal Court Judge Mike Krueger 595-8037
Municipal Court Supervisor Victoria Butler 595-8037
Municipal Court Specialist Victoria Cavazos 592-8566
MC Specialist Aurora Zamora 592-8566
MC Specialist Candice Peterson  592-8566
 Police Officer – Warrants Thomas Davis 592-8566

Parks and Recreation

Golf Course Manager Richard Flores 592-1101
Parks & Recreation Manager Susan Ivy 221-8705

Planning and Development Services

Planning and Development Svcs. Director Tom Ginter 595-8053
Administrative Assistant II Adela Barrientes 595-8055
Planning  –  Permits – 200 E. Kleberg Avenue (1st floor)
Building Official Daniel Ramirez 595-8020
Customer Service Rep.-Permits Theresa Cavazos 595-8019
Inspector- Building Manuel “Manny” Buentello 595-8022
Planning  –  Community Appearance – 202 W. Lee
Community Appearance Supervisor Jennifer Bernal 221-2940
Community Appearance – Admin. Asst. I Herlinda Solis 595-8093
Community Appearance Inspector MaryAnn Trejo 595-8095
Community Appearance Inspector Kristina Phillips 595-8079
Planning – Tourism Services – 1904 Train Depot – 104 E. Kleberg Avenue
Downtown & Volunteer Supervisor Cynthia Martin 592-3212


Police Chief Ricardo Torres 593-8880
Administrative Assistant II Heather Mitman 593-8880
Communication’s Supervisor Monica Flores 593-8826

Public Works

Administrative Assistant II Carol Rogers 592-8007
Public Works Director/City Engineer Charlie Cardenas 595-8004
Assistant Public Works Director William “Bill” Donnell 595-8051
Garage Supervisor Arturo Perez 595-8086
Garage – Inventory Clerk Marcelino Zapata 595-8084
Landfill Supervisor Pete Pina 595-0092
Recycling Building Malcolm Holliday 595-8098
Street Supervisor Charlie Sosa 595-8045
Sanitation/Street – Admin. Assistant I Tanya Colin 595-8040
Sanitation Supervisor Luke Stevens 595-8088
Water Supervisor Marco Jimenez 595-8085
Wastewater Supervisor (N. Plant) Frank Garcia 592-5168
Water/Wastewater – Admin. Assistant I Stephanie Whittington 595-8040
Water Production Supervisor Joe Casillas 595-8090

Purchasing Department

Director David Mason 595-8025
Administrative Assistant II Cyndi Flores-Falcon 595-8036

Task Force

TF Commander Guillermo “Willie” Vera 595-5778
Assistant TF Commander Ken Starrs 595-5778
Adminsitrative Assistant II Kathy Rios 595-5778

Tourism Services

Tourism Services Director Leo Alarcon 592-8516
Administrative Assistant II Alicia Tijerina 592-8516
Administrative Assistant I  – Part/Time Vacant