The City Commission is responsible for helping Kingsville move forward. Kingsville operates under the Commission-Manager form of government. The powers bestowed upon the city as well as the determination of policies are enforced by our publicly elected commission members. The core responsibilities of the Commission is to determine policies, adopt project budgets and most importantly and enact vital legislation for our government to function both properly and fairly. The City Manager is appointed by the Commission, who in turn, upholds laws passed and oversees all governmental procedures. The commissioners represent the legislative branch of our city’s government. The mayor and four commissioners have varying duties to help our city function. Their collaborative efforts include:

  • Determine the tax rates to be implemented on our citizens
  • Purchase and sell various properties
  • Hold public meetings spotlighting duties to be undertaken
  • Establish departments
  • Adopt city ordinances
  • Determine city services

The City Commission holds regular meetings at City Hall and the public is encouraged to attend and contribute ideas, concerns and encouragement to help Kingsville on its pathway to a brighter future.

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