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  • Attention: Manny Salazar
  • Physical: 231 E. Kleberg Ave, Kingsville, TX 78363
  • Business: (361) 592-6438
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The continued economic development of Kingsville is a top priority of our elected officials, our management team and staff, and our economic development partners in the community.

City Staff, including representatives from Finance, Public Works, Legal, and Planning, as well as the involvement of the Greater Kingsville Economic Development Council, work closely to achieve a comprehensive approach to economic development efforts. Working in a collaborative manner on economic development issues helps to address company concerns as well as community issues.

The Economic Development Team is made up of City Staff members from four departments and representatives from the Greater Kingsville Economic Development Council who meet to discuss current and prospective new development within Kingsville. The goal of the ED Team is to review projects in a comprehensive manner and to ensure project timelines are met. The ED Team meets regularly at the staff level and with companies and developers on an individual basis as needed.


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The City of Kingsville is working with Magellan Advisors on a Broadband Feasibility Study, with the goal of ensuring every resident and business across the City of Kingsville has access to high-speed broadband internet services.

To help with this effort, we need to collect information concerning internet access, speed availability, affordability, and reliability across the City of Kingsville.

To help in this effort, we ask that you take our short broadband survey. 

While completing the survey we ask that you
  • Be directly connected to your home/business network
  • If possible, take the survey during peak use periods in the evening (between 6pm-9pm)
  • Answer all questions to the best of your ability (estimates are fine)
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