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Vision Statement

The City Commission strives to afford all residents of Kingsville with the following:

  1. Access to the highest quality of customer-focused city services available at a reasonable cost.
    • Communication
    • Convenience, Accessibility
    • Customer Service
    • Effectiveness/Efficiency Professional, Competent staff
    • Use of technology and media in all areas possible
    • Value of Cost
  2. Live in a safe, secure and healthy environment
    • Adequate lighting
    • Adequate water and services, drainage
    • Community policing
    • Effective, efficient fire and police protection
    • Emergency Management
    • Public health services
    • Sanitation
  3. Live in a clean environment that enhances and protects the quality of their lives.
    • Air Quality
    • Litter control/sanitation
    • Open Space
    • Recycling
    • Water Quality
  4. Be enriched by a range of cultural arts and recreational opportunities provided through citywide initiatives and supported by the collaborative efforts and agreements with other governmental entities, charitable and nonprofit organizations, and private entities.
    • Athletic activities
    • Festivals
    • Libraries
    • Museums
    • Parks
    • Performing arts
    • Public Art
    • Recreation
    • Teen center
  5. Participate and contribute to the health and future of our community.
    • Advisory boards and committees
    • Community education programs
    • Efficient access to information and services via technology and media
    • Focus groups
    • Volunteer programs
  6. Easily travel to, within and from the community
    • Thoroughfare plan
    • Traffic flow
    • Well maintained and clean streets, sidewalks and pedestrian paths
  7. Contribute to and benefit from living in a strong diverse economic environment.
    • Economic development compatible with community values
    • Job opportunities
    • Protection of property values
    • Reasonable cost of living
    • Strong retail environment
    • Tourism, conventions
  8. Live in well-planned neighborhoods suited to community interests and lifestyles.
    • Gentrification of older neighborhoods
    • Neighborhood parks for multi-generational use
    • Pedestrian mobility
    • Planning/zoning
    • Traffic management
  9. Be enriched by fostering quality and long-term relationships with local, statewide, national, and international interests in the City of Kingsville
    • Community support of Military Members and Dependents; Veterans
    • Enhance development opportunities for Texas A & M University-Kingsville
    • Preserve and support the U.S. Naval Air Station Kingsville
    • Promote Athletic Competitions & Events, Wildlife & Heritage Events
    • Quality of living for Senior Citizens, Winter Texans



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The City of Kingsville is working with Magellan Advisors on a Broadband Feasibility Study, with the goal of ensuring every resident and business across the City of Kingsville has access to high-speed broadband internet services.

To help with this effort, we need to collect information concerning internet access, speed availability, affordability, and reliability across the City of Kingsville.

To help in this effort, we ask that you take our short broadband survey. 

While completing the survey we ask that you
  • Be directly connected to your home/business network
  • If possible, take the survey during peak use periods in the evening (between 6pm-9pm)
  • Answer all questions to the best of your ability (estimates are fine)
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