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Vision Statement

The City Commission strives to afford all residents of Kingsville with the following:

  1. Access to the highest quality of customer-focused city services available at a reasonable cost.
    • Communication
    • Convenience, Accessibility
    • Customer Service
    • Effectiveness/Efficiency Professional, Competent staff
    • Use of technology and media in all areas possible
    • Value of Cost
  2. Live in a safe, secure and healthy environment
    • Adequate lighting
    • Adequate water and services, drainage
    • Community policing
    • Effective, efficient fire and police protection
    • Emergency Management
    • Public health services
    • Sanitation
  3. Live in a clean environment that enhances and protects the quality of their lives.
    • Air Quality
    • Litter control/sanitation
    • Open Space
    • Recycling
    • Water Quality
  4. Be enriched by a range of cultural arts and recreational opportunities provided through citywide initiatives and supported by the collaborative efforts and agreements with other governmental entities, charitable and nonprofit organizations, and private entities.
    • Athletic activities
    • Festivals
    • Libraries
    • Museums
    • Parks
    • Performing arts
    • Public Art
    • Recreation
    • Teen center
  5. Participate and contribute to the health and future of our community.
    • Advisory boards and committees
    • Community education programs
    • Efficient access to information and services via technology and media
    • Focus groups
    • Volunteer programs
  6. Easily travel to, within and from the community
    • Thoroughfare plan
    • Traffic flow
    • Well maintained and clean streets, sidewalks and pedestrian paths
  7. Contribute to and benefit from living in a strong diverse economic environment.
    • Economic development compatible with community values
    • Job opportunities
    • Protection of property values
    • Reasonable cost of living
    • Strong retail environment
    • Tourism, conventions
  8. Live in well-planned neighborhoods suited to community interests and lifestyles.
    • Gentrification of older neighborhoods
    • Neighborhood parks for multi-generational use
    • Pedestrian mobility
    • Planning/zoning
    • Traffic management
  9. Be enriched by fostering quality and long-term relationships with local, statewide, national, and international interests in the City of Kingsville
    • Community support of Military Members and Dependents; Veterans
    • Enhance development opportunities for Texas A & M University-Kingsville
    • Preserve and support the U.S. Naval Air Station Kingsville
    • Promote Athletic Competitions & Events, Wildlife & Heritage Events
    • Quality of living for Senior Citizens, Winter Texans



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