Temporary Food Event Permit Requirements


The City of Kingsville would like to remind all charitable civic, educational, religious and all other organizational groups and individuals that temporary food event permits must be obtained to host a food-based fundraiser within city limits.


Temporary Food Event Permits can be obtained 14 days prior to the event and applications are available at the Kingsville Health Department located at 3424 N. FM 1355.  Temporary food permits are $30.00/day for for-profit groups and $20.00/day for non-profit groups.  This fee is paid at the City of Kingsville Planning and Permitting office located at 410 W. King Ave.


Bake sales do not require a temporary food event permit: however, all foods sold must be cottage law approved.  For more information, please visit  Any organizations or local businesses with an approved permitted kitchen are not required to obtain a temporary food event permit as long as the event is held at the permitted premise/location.


All food must be prepared, cooked, and served on site of the permitted location and at least one Texas approved food handler card holder must be present at the event.


As per City of Kingsville ordinance, all food sales (besides Texas Cottage Law foods) from a residential kitchen are not allowed and are considered an illegal food sale.  Residential kitchens are not allowed for food sales and you may be issued a citation and fined.


Please contact the City of Kingsville Health Department for any further questions on temporary food event permits and requirements at 361-592-3324.

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