RFP/BID Openings 2018

Vendors are responsible for checking this website for addenda prior to submitting their bids. The City of Kingsville is not responsible for the content of any bid package received through any Third Party bid service. It is the sole responsibility of the vendor to ensure the completeness and accuracy of the documents received.

Detailed specifications on the above bids are on file and available in the office of the Purchasing Director in accordance with State Law and the terms set forth in the bid forms. Requests for bid packages may also be obtained by calling (361) 595-8036 or e-mailing your request to Charlie Sosa.

When bids are made available by electronic means, the bidder acknowledges and accepts full responsibility to insure that no changes are made to the bid. In the event of conflict between a version of the bid submitted by bidder and the version maintained by the Purchasing Director, the version maintained by the Purchasing Director shall govern.

RFQ 18-02Utility Rate Study October 31, 20172:00pmPurchasing Department located at 400 W. King Ave., Kingsville, Texas 78363RFQ 18-02 Utility Rate Study