American Planning
This is the web site for the nationally recognized organization of professional planners, The Association of American Planners (APA). The site contains a wealth of planning related information as well as an information highway for professional planners.

Planetizen: The Planning and Development
This site offers articles of interest regarding planning related issues throughout the United States. It is very reader friendly providing a broad range of planning related issues in real world situations.

Planners Web: City and Regional Planning
Site provides news and information for citizen planners, planning commissioners and Council members; Publication of the Planning Commissioners Journal

Urban Land Institute
This is the home page for the Urban Land Institute (ULI). The site is dedicated to providing up to date information on development trends for all types of development including residential, commercial retail and office, industrial, recreation and others.

Cyburbia: The Urban Planning
Formerly the Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center, this site boasts the oldest, most respected directories of planning web sites.

Congress for the New
The nationally recognized organization (Congress of New Urbanism) web site for the promotion of all things related to New Urbanism.

United States Geological
The United States Geologic Survey web site offers data related to geology, biology, hydrology, topography and mapping.

Library of Congress–
Geography and map division of the Library of Congress provides an extensive collection of maps and atlases organized into seven categories including cities, transit, landscapes, the environment, and others.

United States Census
The United States Census Bureau web site contains demographic information and business related data.

NAS-Kingsville Community Planning-
Information with regards to the Air Installations Compatible Use Zones (AICUZ) – Accident Potential Zones and Noise Zones.

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