1. 311.2 Gas Line must have an air pressure test with a minimum air pressure of 10 psi, and need to be tested for a period of not less that ten minutes and must be observed by the inspector.
  2. 306 Materials for gas lines shall be one of the following:
    • a. Galvanized or black iron pipe wrapped with approved gas wrap tape to protect from corrosion.
    • b. Copper tubing type K or L with brazed flared fittings.
    • c. Plastic gas piping conforming to ASTM D 2513 with fittings conforming to ASTM D 2517.
  3. 305.2 Gas yard pipe must be a minimum 1-inch diameter; larger sizes may be rewired based on demand.
  4. 309.10 & 309.14 No gas piping shall be laid closer than eight (8) inches from a water or sewer line. Metal gas lines shall be minimum 12 inches deep, and plastics (conforming to fuel gas code) shall be a minimum of 18 inches deep. PVC is NOT allowed for gas lines.

If the gas meter is not already installed the entire system must be inspected in order to have the City of Kingsville approve the system for installation of a gas meter.

A permit is required prior to starting any work on plumbing, gas, electrical, building, and mechanical construction.

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