Street Improvements

The City of Kingsville’s Public Works Street Division and Engineering Department are committed to maintaining and improving the city’s streets. We continuously identify and address street condition concerns through a comprehensive process.

Project Compilation and Review

A list of street improvement projects is compiled and regularly reviewed as part of the City’s five-year Capital Improvements Plan. These projects are prioritized based on various factors, including:

  1. Street condition assessments
  2. Type of repair(s) required
  3. Anticipated project cost and schedule
  4. Available budget


Major Street Analysis

In 2020, a major street analysis was conducted to examine the overall condition of the city’s network of 111 miles of streets. The recommendations and priorities set forth by this study serve as the initial basis for improving our streets.

Visual Reference

The map below provides a quick visual reference of the city-owned streets’ conditions. It is updated quarterly as street improvements are completed.



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