Food Establishment Grades

City-County Environmental Health Department

Food Establishment Inspection Grades

Food Service inspections are conducted on a quarterly schedule per year based on the risk category to insure compliance with the Texas Food Service Establishment Regulations and local food sanitation ordinances. Risk levels include low, moderate and high risk. Establishment scoring is based on a demerit system, as per The Texas Food Establishment Rules. There are two types of violations.  Critical violations are 5 and 4 points demerits per violation and non-critical violations are 3 points demerit violations.

Critical Violations are improper practices and actions that directly contribute to food contamination and temperature abuse that may pose a potential risk to the public health, resulting in food borne illness. Critical violations must be corrected immediately or as directed by the Health Department.

Non critical violations are unacceptable practices that normally relate to the physical condition of an establishment, including equipment, cleaning and storage. Non Critical violations must be corrected before the next routine inspection or as directed by the Health Department.

New food establishment scores will be updated every two weeks by the Health Department.


New Food Establishment Inspection Scores


April 24-May 12, 2017

El Corral Tex Mex Restaurant 89   El Corral Tex Mex Restaurant 89
Mariachi House of Burges 97   Mariachi House of Burgers 97
Pizza Hut 99   Shrim 6 Groceries 97
La Hacienda Restaurant 86   Grub Hub Mobile 97
TAMUK – Dining Hall 98   TAMUK – Turner-Bishop Hall 96
Kwik Pantry (Ricardo) 92   IHOP 96
Chilis 88   Chop Stix 88
China One 95   Knights of Columbus 82
Dollar General (S. 14th) 97   Family Dollar 97
Dollar Tree 96   1 Stop Muscle Shop 100
Greg’s Short Stop 99   Walgreens 97
Memorial Middle School 92   Sunny Mini Mart #2 96
Angel’s Italian Ice 98   Rita’s Super Store 91
CVS 100   EZ Stop 89
Gillett Intermediate School 94   Kingsway Leadership Academy 97
Central Warehouse 100   Rock’s Discount Vitamins N More 100
Murphy USA #7646 99