PET ADOPTION                       FEE                
Dogs                                                     $25.00
Cats                                                      $20.00

Plus a $20.00 refundable vaccination deposit fee



Adopter will be responsible for Spay/Neuter of adopted dog or cat. A citation will be issued to adopter giving him or her 30 days to sterilize the animal. If animal not sterilized in 30 day citation will be submitted to the City of Kingsville Municipal Court for legal action.

Other Animal Adoption

Small Animal                                                    $10.00
(chickens, ducks, reptiles, ferrets)
Livestock (goats, pigs, horses, donkeys)   $50.00

IMPOUNDMENT                  FEE                  
Regular Animal Impoundment (Reclaimed by Owner)
1st Occurrence                               $25.00

Plus a daily boarding fee of $6.00

2nd Occurrence                             $50.00

Plus a daily boarding fee of $6.00

3rd Occurrence                              $75.00

Plus a daily boarding fee of $6.00

Within a year period.


Vaccination                                     $20.00*
*vaccination fee is refundable upon proof that the animal has been vaccinated for Rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

Animal Bite
Running at Large or Confined Animal
Impoundment                                  $25.00
Observation/Quarantine (10 days) $60.00
($6.00×10 days of boarding)

Livestock Impoundment
Horse/Cattle                                     $50.00
Boarding                                            $25.00   Daily
Goats/Pigs                                         $25.00
Boarding                                            $20.00   Daily
Poultry/Rabbits                               $10.00
Boarding                                            $5.00   Daily


DAILY BOARDING                 FEE
Dogs & Cats                                        $6.00
Large Livestock                                $25.00
Medium Livestock                           $20.00
Small Livestock                                $5.00


OTHER                                     FEE
Live Animal Traps                             $25.00 Deposit
Weekly rental/min. two weeks     $10.00 per week
EUTHANASIA REQUEST          $15.00    

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