The City of Kingsville works diligently to protect its citizens from potential hazards that can arise from the presence of mosquitoes and bees. Each year, our city administers a mosquito surveillance program to identify types of mosquitoes in our area that can be harmful to your family and pets. We also provide detailed information on both honeybees and killer bees and offer tips for keeping your property free of colonies.

Sec. 341.011 Subchapter B. Nuisance and General Sanitation 

(7) A collection of water in which mosquitoes are breeding in the limits of a municipality or a collection of water that is a breeding area for Culex quinquefasciatas mosquitoes that can transmit diseases regardless of the collection’s location other than a location or property, where activity meeting the definition of Section 11.002 (12) (A), Water Code, occur; (12) An object, place, or condition that is a possible and probable medium of disease transmission to or between humans.

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For more information on mosquitoes and bees or any of our services, contact the City of Kingsville Environmental Health Department at (361) 592-3324 or (361) 592-3325.

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