Food Service Permits & Fees

City-County Environmental Health Department




ANNUAL FOOD SERVICE PERMITS                                           FEE
Food service establishments                                                                           $150.00
Retail food stores                                                                                               $150.00
Mobile units                                                                                                        $175.00
Seafood & Produce peddler                                                                             $125.00
Late fee (annual permits for Food & Retail Establishments only )         $50.00


TEMPORARY FOOD EVENT PERMITS                                       FEE
(Fees effective immediately)
Temporary food event                                                                                       $30.00
Temporary food event (non-profit)                                                                 $20.00


FOOD HANDLING CERTIFICATION                                          FEE                        YEARS
(Fees effective immediately)
Regular food handler card (individuals)                                                       $15.00                            2
Fundraiser food handler card (non-profit organizations only)               $25.00 per group         2
*food handler card expire 2 years from the date issued*


*Fees are the same for Kleberg County Food Establishments


Please call the City-County Health Department if you need any further information or have any questions 361-592-3324.