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  • Attention: Joe I. Casillas
  • Mailing: P.O. Box 1458, Kingsville, TX 78364
  • Physical: 1300 E. Corral, Kingsville, TX 78363
  • Business: (361) 595-8090 or (361) 595-8040 opt. #2
  • Fax: (361) 221-9222
  • E-Mail:

The Water Production Division is committed to the protection of public health by providing superior drinking water quality to the citizens of Kingsville. This department recognizes and accepts the responsibility associated with preserving and protecting our water source. Water is produced by seven active wells drilled into the Goliad Sands Aquifer which is then blended with surface water in the distribution system. Water samples are collected daily, quarterly, annually and tri-annually in accordance with regulations.

Water Quality Reports

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