Remember to get your permits. If the Building Official finds work with out a permit, you will get double fined or taken to court.

What is a permit?

A permit is a written notice authorizing an owner or a contractor to proceed with work (construction, repairs, etc.) after paying the permit fee.

Who needs a permit?

A permit is issued to an owner or a contractor which allows him/her to do work in the City of Kingsville.  All contractors must be registered with the City of Kingsville. No work is permitted without a permit.

Homeowner’s Permit

A homeowner may purchase a permit with the exception to an electrical permit. When purchasing a homeowner’s permit, the customer is certifying that they own and are now living at the dwelling for which the permit is being issued, and that the work being performed is by the homeowner or their immediate family. They also understand that for the purpose of the permit, the immediate family is limited to their parent, child, or child’s spouse. This does not include siblings.
  1. Proof of ownership must be provided before any permit can be issued.
  2. All properties must be a legal lot before a permit can be issued.

What you need to get started

New Home: You need to provide three (3) sets of Engineered Plans to the Building Official.  Once plans are approved by the Building Official, your Registered Contractor may purchase the permit for Construction. Note: Separate permits are to be purchased for Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, etc. Additions: A Building Application can be picked up at the Building/Permits Department. Once application is completed, an inspector is assigned to review the proposed addition. Once approved your Registered Contractor may purchase the permit for Construction. Note: Separate permits are to be purchased for Plumbing, Electrical, Mechanical, etc. Remodeling: A remodeling permit is required when you plan to remodel your home with a valuation in excess of $100. A permit fee of $0.03 per square foot will be charged. Duplexes, apartments, hotels and motels shall be charged and additional fee of $10.00 per unit.

What You Need To Know

Permit fees vary depending on projected project expenses or square footage. There are many different types of licenses we issue. The following licenses are the most common but not limited to be obtained.
  • General Contractor
  • Electricians
  • Air Conditioning Contractor
  • Plumbing Contractor
  • House Moving Contractor
All Building Applications and Contractor’s Application may be picked up at the Planning Department.

Failure to Comply

  1. Failure to get a permit before work has started
  2. Failure to get a permit
  3. Falsifying information
  4. Working without a City License
If any of the above are found to be true with a customer, the following repercussion may be enforced:
  • Project Delays
  • Fined
  • Project termination
  • License Revocation

Building Officials

The Planning Department has one Building Official. Once you purchase a permit, the Building Official will to go to the property and inspect your work, this will help prevent any problems or code violations. Remember: the Building Official is here to help you. Inspections will be held by appointment Monday-Friday with a 24 hour notice. If you have any questions please feel free to call: Permit Department 361-595-8019

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